How to Remove Skin Tags – Surgey and Natural Methods

Finding options for how to remove skin tags shouldn’t be too difficult; in fact there are hundreds of different remedies to be found during a web search. Unfortunately though, many of these recommendations just don’t prove effective. There are some very effective remedies for how to remove skin tags available but many people get confused by all the different options.


The Options for How to Remove Skin Tags

Up until the last few years a popular option for skin tag removal was surgery (read more: laser surgery, cryosurgery); this is still a route that many people choose to take. This type of treatment will usually remove these skin flaps, but it seems a bit extreme for something that can be treated using other less invasive methods. During the last hundred years or so we have become accustomed to turning to the medical profession when we have any issues to do with our bodies. This is often a good choice, but at other times it can mean a bit of overkill. Skin tags are not health threatening, but plastic surgeons have realized that there is a good demand for surgical interventions to get rid of them.

Many people would agree that natural methods of treating non-health threatening problems are the best choice. In recent years we have witnessed the success of products like DermaTend; thousands of people now claim to have removed their skin tags using this solution. The great thing about this type of treatment is that it uses 100% natural ingredients and it can be done safely at home. You apply the product and it is absorbed into the skin tag; it then works to remove the flap from the inside out. While the product is working the person doesn’t feel any discomfort and there is no unsightly scar left afterwards. Testimonials from those who have used the reputable natural products claim that evidence that it is working can be seen within as little time as a day.

Some Final thoughts on How to Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags might not be damaging to our health but many people would really like to get rid of them. They can make us feel self-conscious, and sometimes even a bit embarrassed by our bodies. Getting them removed can be a real confidence boost for people, and this makes it something worth doing. Choosing surgery is one option, but it does seem a bit extreme when there are other natural methods that have a good reputation of proving effective.

Skin Tag Removal

When it comes to skin tag removal using natural methods there are a few possible options.  It is the aim here to provide you with information about what is available so that you can make an informed choice. When looking at products to fit the criteria they have to meet certain conditions; they must be made from natural ingredients and of course they must prove effective as well. If you do a search online you will find literally hundreds of options for natural skin tag removal; only a tiny minority of these products meets the two criteria mentioned above. Many so called skin tag removal remedies are virtually useless, and just waste your time and money. In the rest of this article we will examine two skin tag removal products that really do work and are 100% natural; Heal Skin Tags and DermaTend.

DermaTend  starstarstarstarstar

dermatendDermaTend is the best product which has received the highest ratings from our visitors during recent years. This is a 100% natural product with a proven record of removing all types of skin tags. Unlike many other products on the market, DermaTend provides results quickly and you should notice a difference after several days of using it.

The manufactures of this product guarantee its success. There is no risk of any scaring or skin irritation. As skin tag removal products go you are unlikely to find anything better than this one; the DermaTend website now boasts thousands of satisfied customers.

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Heal Skin Tags  starstarstarstar

skin tag removalHeal Skin Tags is made from all natural ingredients that come from plants. These essential oils are of the highest quality and the strictest conditions are employed during the manufacture of this product to keep standards high. The makers of Heal Skin Tags testify that the product is able to work on any part of the body; including the groin, eyelids, and armpits.

The fact that this is a completely natural product means that it is safe to use; and you will be able to follow the treatment at home. The oil just enters the skin begins working until the skin tag falls off; it does all this without causing any irritation or the skin or leave scars.

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Choosing the Best Skin Tag Removal Option

Some people turn to costly surgery as a way to have their skin tags removed. These costly procedures do have a reasonable success rate, but it seems odd that people would go to so much trouble when they could just use a natural product like DermaTend. One usual reason why people choose to go the surgical route is that they are just not aware of the possibility of a natural remedy. It’s not like the plastic surgeons that make a lot of money from skin tag removal, are going to advertise this option.

The Decisions is Yours

Choosing natural products to remove skin tags will seem like the most sensible choice for a lot of people. Why would they go through all the stress of surgery; it is not like these skin tags are causing a risk to their health. Of course it is understandable that they want to have these skin tags removed, but this can usually done using respected natural remedies that already have a good record of success.

100% Natural Skin Tag Removal Products and Ingredients

skin tag removal productsYou can find skin tag removal products available in pharmacies and health food stores. These products allow you to remove your skin tags in the comfort of your own home without having to visit the dermatologist’s office. Just be sure that you are actually dealing with a skin tag before you get started. The growths are usually harmless and do not develop into a serious health condition, but you should have all growths on your skin evaluated before you take steps to remove them from your skin.

You can usually pick up a cream that will remove skin tags over a period of time. The creams should be used carefully to avoid irritating the skin surrounding the tag. Make sure that you choose a product that is a skin tag removal product before you apply it to your skin. The cream may not harm your surrounding skin, but some folks are sensitive and may experience a reaction.

Vitamin E oil can be helpful for skin tag removal and will not harm the skin at all. Just apply the oil to the growth and keep it covered with a bandage. Keep the skin clean when you are using any of these skin tag removal methods.

Tea Tree oil is considered to be a very effective skin tag removal ingredient which can dry it.

Garlic juice is a very poular natural ingredient which has been used for many years. When applied on your skin tag, it will penetrate it and make it much drier.

Pineapple juice is very similar to garlic juice and is also very effective.

Castor oil is one of the most popular remedies among many people. It has been used for thousands of years and even ancient Egyptians used it to treat many skin conditions.

You may have to experiment with skin tag removal methods to find the one that works best for you. In time, you will find the growths gone along with the embarrassment and discomfort. Skin tags usually don’t cause any problems other than embarrassment, but when they rub against other areas of skin or your clothing, they can bleed and become an uncomfortable issue.

Skin Tags Causes

skin tags causesIf you have been troubled by skin tags then it is understandable that you might want to know what causes them to appear in the first place. We still don’t have a full understanding of the process that drives these skin growths to appear on the body, but are learning a lot about the causes and risk factors.

Learning about the skin tag causes is useful knowledge because it helps ensure that we are better able to deal with them. These skin growths play no real threat to our health but this does not mean that are not the cause for concern.

What is a Skin Tag?

Before we go on to look at the causes of skin tags it is important that we first identify what it is we are talking about. While this type of skin growth is relatively harmless it could be easy to mistake something more sinister as just being a skin tag. If you are even in any doubt then the obvious solution is to speak with a health care professional and make sure that the growth on your is in fact a skin tag. It is also worth mentioning here that skin tag is just a general term used by the public, and that you might also here this skin growth referred to as fibroepithelial polyps, acrochordon, or cutaneous papilloma – these are all basically referring to the same thing.

Skin tags are generally small; they tend to be about ½ inch in length on average. They protrude from the skin by means of a stalk; a small string of connective tissue. The skin tag itself is usually made up blood vessels and fibrous connective tissue. It serves no useful function and if it were removed the body wouldn’t miss it.

Skin tags tend to develop on certain areas of the body; in particular those parts of the body where there are creases in the skin. One of the mechanisms that have been shown to cause the arrival of skin tags is the friction of skin rubbing against skin. The most usual places to find these skin growths include the eyebrows, genitals, face, armpits, and neck.

Skin Tag Causes

Now that we have a better understanding of what skin tags are we can begin to look at what might cause them. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article there is no full explanation and the best we can do is identify those things that seem to increase the risk of developing this type of skin growth.


obesity and skin tagsIt has been noted that obese people seem far more likely to develop skin tags than people who are not overweight. This might not be directly related to their diet or lifestyle but more to do with the mechanics of their body. Obese people will have a lot more folds of skin then the rest of the population and so this means that there will be a lot more skin rubbing on skin. As we mentioned above this type of friction has been associated with the development of skin tags so it is understandable that overweight people should be more at risk of them. The good news is that once an individual reduces their weight they should lower their risk of developing more skin tags.


pregnancy skin tagsIt has been found that pregnant women are more likely to develop skin tags. The obvious reason for why this occurs would be the gaining of weight during pregnancy, possibly leading to more skin friction, but this is not believed to be the only factor. It is also believed that the change in the hormones in a woman’s body during pregnancy is also responsible for the growth of these tags. Once the pregnancy has reached term there should be no further development of skin tags.


diabetes skin tagsStudies have now found that people who have type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to develop skin tags. We are not fully sure why this is the case but there does seem to be some relationship between insulin resistance and he development of this skin growth. Hopefully further research will make what is going on here a bit clearer.

Hereditary Factors

heredity skin tagsResearchers are convinced that genetics does play a role in why some people develop skin tags. There really are some people who seem to be more prone to developing this type of skin growth. This is probably why some obese people will develop skin tags while others just won’t. We seem to be a long way from identifying a gene that cause this type of growth but maybe this day will one day come. The fact that skin tags are harmless means there is not enough funding for this type of research.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

hpv virus skin tagsHPV is another possible contributing factor to the occurrence of skin tags; this virus has already been identified as contributing to a number of other skin growths. HPV is best known for its link to genital warts and cervical cancer. The link between HPV and skin tags though is not believed to indicate anything sinister.

Final Thoughts on the Causes of Skin Tags

We still have a long way to go before we fully understand the causes of skin tags, but we already have a lot of knowledge about the condition. The fact that these skin growths are considered harmless should offer some reassurance to people, but people might still decide that they would rather not have them on their body. Luckily there are a number of treatments available for dealing with skin tags and these can work really well without any risk. In fact if your skin tags are a cause of embarrassment there really is no reason why you should endure the situation. Most skin tags will eventually disappear by themselves but there is no reason to wait for this day to arrive when there are good solutions to the problem. Of course if your skin tags don’t bother you then just ignoring them is perfectly acceptable too.

Hair Loss Doctors

hair loss doctorsHair loss is a very common problem which has been with ladies since time immemorial and it has been bringing a lot of problems to the people who have been affected. Scientifically, it has been discovered that a lot of cases of hair lose are caused by the negligence of the people who are undertaking the activity of taking a good care of their hair.

There are some people who are expected to cover their hair throughout due to some of the commands made by their religion or customs though such kind of practices are capable of leading to hair loss since their hair might not be getting enough light that would give them vitamin D which responsible for the growth of hair. There also some other factors that can contribute to the loss of hair like poor ways of dieting, times of birth or even during pregnancies.

It is very important that when you begin to notice some air coming out of your head, you see a doctor as soon possible so that you can avoid the problems which can cause a lot of trouble top your life in very many ways and start hair loss treatment immediately. However, even before moving to a hair loss doctor, it is important to take preventive mechanisms which can save your hair from being destroyed further. One of such precautions is avoid pulling your hair and stop applying any kind of a lotion that you may be suspecting to be the cause of the hair loss.

It is never an easy thing to know the best hair specialist who is good for your hair treatment when you are not aware of the real cause of the hair loss. This means that you have to seek medical diagnosis of the hair so that you can establish the real cause of the hair loss. When it has been established that you are having hair loss due to some kind of hormonal problems within your body, the medical officers who did for you the examination will advice to see an endocrinologist who is capable of medically handling the problems of hormones within your body.

The can be tested and be confirmed when there are the presences of hypertension and menopause. There are also confirmations that hyperthyroid and high cholesterol can be used to confirm the hormonal complications in a person. Another specialist of a hair loss is dermatologist who is responsible for the treatment of scalp related infections such as worms.

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