Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel, Carmel

At A Glance:

Located in the alluring area of Carmel, Indiana, Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel is an upscale property that welcomes both leisure and business travelers. You will appreciate the hotel’s strategic location close to downtown Indianapolis where you can discover a wide array of restaurants, entertainment spots, and shops.

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You Should Know:

  • Full-service business center is on site
  • Safety deposit boxes are available at the front desk
  • Luxurious bedding in every room
  • Mini fridge is available in selected rooms
  • Bathroom amenities include hair dryer, bathtub, and bathrobe
  • With high-speed internet access
  • Features an indoor pool and a fitness center for recreation

In and Around:

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  • Located north of Indianapolis’ downtown
  • Easy access to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Golf courses are located at least six miles away
  • Close to corporate offices and entertainment spots
  • Catch some live events at Lucas Oil Stadium
  • Discover great exhibits at Indianapolis Children’s Museum
  • The Center for the Performing Arts is just nearby

7 Practical Ways To Add Some Oomph To Your Seaside Wedding

Seaside Wedding

Being so formal at a seaside wedding is a sure way to bore your guests, and yourselves as a couple. It’s best to embrace the theme and location of your wedding and loosen up a little bit. Even if having a successful wedding can be hectic, the best way is to relax and focus on your Big Day. Here are some tips on adding some fun to your seaside wedding.

  • Pass on the Shoes

Who needs shoes on the beach when you’ve got a beautiful soft carpet of sand under your feet? Enjoy the white sand and ask your guests to go shoeless as well. Also, instead of a large wedding gown that hides your feet, go for a pretty beach wedding dress. Beach wedding dresses are more comfortable and easier to move around in.

  • Have Some Cute Signs Around

Add a touch of fun and uniqueness by having signs around to guide your guests. The appearance of the signboards depends on your preference. A super fab look is a wooden sign with multicolor indications. You could have flowers of different colors around them to make the place even more lovely.

  • Watch the Sunset

After a successful seaside wedding, a great way to sum up the day is to watch as the sun sets in the horizon. It’s romantic and too precious to miss. Don’t be in a hurry to end your Day. You could watch it with your special other or have your guests in the background watching it with you.

  • Care for a Camel Ride?

If you’d like a larger view of the seaside, you and your special one could take in the scenery on camels’ backs. or share a single camel, as they move at your pace. You could get some camels for your bridesmaids too if you want, as long as they’re not afraid of heights.

Seaside Wedding

  • Serve Drinks with Striped Straws

This concept works best if you’re serving your guests a variety of beverages. You could have a specific color for a specific beverage. Stripy straws add some beauty to the drinks and make them appealing to guests. Whether you decide to serve drinks in glass cups or large wooden mugs, they can match with any cup that you choose.

  • Have a Peep-Through Board with Funny Pictures

Put a smile on your guests’ faces with boards that have funny faces painted on them. You and your special one can stick your heads into the small spaces for the head. It’s a great way to be creative. If the boards aren’t your thing, you could gather some funny photos from photo albums and have a section for them.

  • Get Some Ice Cream for Your Guests

There’s no denying that most people are suckers for ice cream. It has a magical way of uplifting moods and bringing a sense of togetherness. Don’t mind if someone stains your cute wedding dress in the madness. It’s part of the fun and people may be too caught up in the ice cream to notice anyway.

Reviews Coast Spas Discusses What to do With Your Pumpkin After Halloween

Now that Halloween is over, and the kids have reseeded back to their electronic devices, there is still one thing left to do. It is time to decide what to do with those pumpkins lying around the house. Before you just go and throw them into the bin, read a few things that Reviews Coast Spas thinks you can do with them to upcycle them for a few more weeks. After all, pumpkins are just as much a part of fall as the leaves changing colour.

Cook It

If you did not carve your pumpkin, the good news is you can cook it. There are many things that you can make with both the inner and the outer parts of the pumpkin. For starters, you can crack open the top like you were going to carve it, but instead of throwing the seeds and the stringy portions, you can make food out of them too. Everyone knows that you can roast the pumpkin seeds for a nice healthy snack, but did you know that you can use the stringy bits to make a very delicious vegetable stock? It’s true, add them to your usual vegetables like carrots, onions, and celery. Just make sure you cook them a little bit in a pan with a little oil first to remove some of the moisture and add a nice sweetness to the stock.

The outside can now be used to make soup or other dishes. Essentially, you are going to use the pumpkin to flavour another dish that you put inside of it. We suggest a stew or a soup. You can also blend the flesh up into a puree that can be added to risotto or pie. We definitely like the pie idea.

Compost It

Clearly, composting it is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of your pumpkin. It sure beats just throwing it in your regular trash bin. An alternative to composting it, you can cut it into small pieces and throw it out into your yard. After the wildlife has finished munching on it, pick up the remaining pieces and add them to your compost bin/heap and use that to fertilize your yard next spring.

Plant It

If you do not like pumpkin seeds or know of someone that does, you can plant the seed for next year’s pumpkins. If you have a garden already, why not add these to it and grow your own vegetables next season? In addition to food, it will also produce next year’s pumpkin and you can repeat the process year after year. If you are wielding a carved pumpkin, line the inside with a decomposable material along with some potting soil and some flowers. Set it out in your yard or in your house to prolong the use a few more weeks. After that, simply place it in the flower garden and let it decompose naturally and help the flowers to grow.

Final Thoughts

We at Reviews Coast Spas hope we have inspired you to do something with your pumpkin other than chucking it in the bin. We also hope you had a safe and happy Halloween.